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The “Wasted” Vote

I was having lunch with a few of my co-workers last week, and while enjoying our BBQ we got into the subject of our country’s latest presidential failure.  The conversation ended up going back to the fateful election in which most of the American people fell for the false promise of “change”.  I mentioned that no one I voted for had actually won an election.  One of my co-workers responded by saying, “Yeah, but you waste your vote”.

I’d like to clear up this misnomer.  No thoughtfully cast vote is a wasted vote.  If you make the effort to research the candidates, show support for the candidate(s) that fits your views, and solidify that support by honoring them with your vote on Election Day, your vote is not wasted.

This whole idea of the “wasted” vote stems from our failed two-party system.  We have the Republicans, and the Democrats.  For all intents and purposes, they are one in the same.  The only “differences” that seem to exist are there by design to give us, the American people the illusion of actually having a choice when the elections come around.  Because of this monopoly on the political system, we have been conditioned into the rather depressing mindset that any attempt to break free is folly; a lost cause; a wasted vote.  What exactly would make such a vote wasted?  Most would say because the candidate that the vote was “wasted” on could never win.  Really?  If enough people “waste” their votes, the candidate could in fact win, could they not?  This is the great secret.  This is what the puppet masters do not want the public to realize.  We have it within our power to take back our once great nation.  Just as it is said that “one drop raises the sea” so does one vote bring a candidate closer to victory.

The only way that we will actually produce change is by breaking the two-party system, and razing it to the ground.  The more we are able to come to this realization, the better it will be for everyone (except of course those wishing to keep the wool over our eyes).  So I challenge every American voter to vote not by party, but by candidate.  Research those who are running, choose with whom your allegiance lays (and be sure theirs lies with our Constitution) and cast your vote.  Let every vote be counted!  May the drops form into a tidal wave of liberty surging through Washington D.C. and sweeping from the halls of Congress and the White House the corruption that has endangered our freedom for so long.

Our current government is bought and paid for by corporations and special interest groups.  This applies to both parties.  There are a few exceptions, but for the most part our government is “by the corporations, for the corporations”.  The candidates already in the system are already spoiled (again, with few exceptions).  The only way to bring in untainted blood is by electing outsiders – people who will terrify the Establishment.  The only way this can happen is if we break away from what we’ve been conditioned into thinking about our current government’s political structure.  Good candidates running in either major party get shut down at the Primaries.  The Establishment favorites win the party nomination, and then both nominees have it out in a big theatrical act we call the General Election.  Either way the puppet-master wins.  They pick the candidates, they position them, and then they bring them before the American people to give us the illusion of having a real choice.  We need to see through the charade!  Look at the other candidates running!  Do some research!

The closest thing to a “wasted” vote is one cast idly and without regard for its impact or respect for the power it possesses to change the direction of our country.

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